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QSI Customer Testimonials

QSI products have been selected worldwide for a variety of applications. Our terminals provide superior functionality in numerous industries: including industrial, commercial, military, vehicle and medical. Take a look at what our customers are saying.

  • EDO Technical Services Operations

    EDO Technical Services Operations (EDO TSO) is the flight-line testing and products division of EDO Corporation; we specialize in RF/EW products that work in harsh flight-line environments. EDO TSO originally selected the QSI user interface terminals for use with the AN/PLM-4 due to price and availability. The QSI terminals have performed as required with a very low failure rate. As well as providing excellent service, QSI continues to meet our demanding delivery schedules while providing fair pricing.

    – Steve Bucci, EDO TSO

  • Mettler Toeldo

    QSI worked closely with Mettler Toledo™ to design and develop a custom graphics module for use with their industrial weighing systems. The effort included design and implementation of both hardware and Windows®-based application development tools. Designed for use with Mettler-Toledo's award-winning JAGXTREME™ scale terminal, the JAGXTREME operator interface (JXOI) is an Ethernet-enabled graphical display with object-based programming. Its powerful, flexible, graphics-based system allows customers to quickly and efficiently create user-friendly operator screens tailored to their specific applications.

    – Terry Mackin, Mettler Toledo

  • A.W. Schultz, Inc.

    An industrial customer requires an economical solution to bring critical process information via radios back to multiple centralized outdoor locations. QSI was the only touch screen that could provide the combination of viewing the information in bright sunlight, meeting the temperature and communication specifications, and still stay within budget. Holy cow, what a great robust HMI unit for our customers. This is our new standard. Thanks QSI for meeting our challenge.

    – Chris Carlson, A. W. Schultz, Inc.

  • Intellibot Robotics, LLC

    We found QSI when looking for a vendor to provide a display with a graphical user interface for our new line of autonomous mobile floor care robots. After playing with a G70 demo unit and seeing how easy it was to develop rich graphical user interface applications, we were hooked. We chose the G55 because we wanted a separate keypad. We are very pleased with the G55 in terms of ease-of-development using Qlarity Foundry® which provides a very sophisticated software framework. Yet, the real benefit has turned out to be working with the people at QSI. Their technical support staff has bent over backwards for us to provide prompt answers to our mechanical, electrical and software questions. We plan to use QSI's products for our entire robot product line.

    – David Knuth, Intellibot Robotics, LLC

  • Ships Co Ltd

    Since 2003, Ships Co Ltd has used QSI displays in our Shipboard Monitor and Alarm Systems. The displays have been a combination of QTERM®-G70 and QTERM®-G75 units. The terminals have proven to be very reliable and robust. Support from the QSI team has always been immediate and effective. Software for screen programming is very versatile and user friendly. Interested parties can view some of our applications at www.ships-co-ltd.com.

    – Herb Myers, Ships Co Ltd

  • National Cinema Network

    QSI's commitment in making a smooth transition from our current advertising process to our new DTDS™ solution has not gone unrecognized. The DTDS™ solution provides the basis for future growth in digital content including live events, distance learning, closed-circuit meetings, and ultimately, full-length feature presentations. I have no doubt that it would not have been a success without QSI's involvement.

    – Derick Nelson, National Cinema Network

  • Eastman Machine

    In the past, we have offered many different machines, all with different user interfaces and functions. With the QTERM-G70, we can now use a single unit as an interface for a wide variety of machines, each with a different application. Because of Qlarity Foundry's flexible programming interface, we were able to provide a smooth and nearly invisible transition from our outdated interface.

    – Ivan Markowitz, Eastman Machine

  • Stress Engineering Services

    Stress Engineering Systems, Inc. (SES) is a National Instruments Select Integrator Alliance member and one of the first QTERM-G70 users to utilize the Qlarity Foundry object library developed specifically for use with National Instruments PXI, FieldPoint and Compact FieldPoint equipment. The image shows the Sputter Sentry product designed and produced by SES for TOSOH SMD, Inc. The Sputter Sentry incorporates the QTERM-G70 and FieldPoint I/O systems into a compact and portable instrument used to monitor performance of sputtering targets in semiconductor fabrication systems. SES chose the QTERM-G70 for its ruggedness, compact size, ease of programming and ability to interface with NI's FieldPoint system.

    – Tim Butterfield, Stress Engineering Services

  • iSky Factory Automation

    The QSI QTERM-G70 terminal and Qlarity® are a great platform for building industrial applications. The systems we build have to be reliable, robust, and easy to modify. Qlarity provides all these for us. With Qlarity, I can make quick changes in the field at the customer's request, and know that it is going to work solid. The Modbus objects enabled us to rapidly prototype, finalize, and deploy our system with minimal hassle. And the tech support is great — I always get a knowledgeable, quick response whether by email or by phone. I would definitely recommend QSI products to my colleagues.

    – Michael Yockey, iSky Factory Automation

  • Semprex

    Semprex digital readout machines are attached to a microscope to show the position of the object being viewed (e.g., four inch silicon wafer). Using the components of the QTERM-G70 we were able to eliminate the need for a PC and the easy-to-program language allowed us a lot of flexibility when designing our interface. The Qlarity objects allow us to display the X, Y, and Z coordinates of the stage exactly where the viewing area is, highlight saved coordinates, and use them in programmable calculations found in the numerous helpful menus. Your product works great for us and we are very pleased.

    – Kyle Beckmeyer, Semprex

  • EMP

    We have used QSI products in the past and have moved to the QTERM-G70 due to the quality color display with touch screen and the terminal's ability to communicate with our controller, vastly reducing communication overhead. The QTERM-G70 programmability is a plus using the Qlarity programming language. Programming this device can be handled by anyone with experience in Visual Basic. This intuitive language is event-driven and allowed us to program functions, procedures and branching while easily and quickly designing our interface. We were able to produce a sophisticated but easy to use operator interface that is comfortable for our users to use, providing enhanced functionality.

    – Cormac O'Sullivan, EMP


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