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Press Materials Usage Rights

Use of Press Materials by News Agencies

A News Agency is an organization whose primary function is publishing on regular periodic basis periodicals containing news articles of opinion, features, and advertising. Beijer Electronics grants to you and you accept from Beijer Electronics a limited, nonexclusive, world-wide license and right to copy, distribute, publish, and modify (collectively use) Copyrightable Works (such as data sheets, images, press materials, white papers and FAQs, collectively CW) that you obtain from Beijer Electronics through this web site. Your right to use the CW is limited to trade journals, newspapers, magazines, news publishing websites, and other publications maintained by News Agencies. All rights not expressly granted to you are reserved to Beijer Electronics.

Use of Press Materials By Other Than News Agencies

If you are any entity other than a News Agency, then prior to your use of any CW, you must notify Beijer Electronics in writing of:

  • The name or description of the CW you wish to use.
  • Your intended use of the CW.
  • Type and name of the publication in which you intend to use CW.
  • The expected geographic distribution and production volume of your publication.
  • Any modifications you intend to make to the CW.

You may not use the CW without our prior written approval which may be given or withheld by Beijer Electronics on a case-by-case basis. Beijer Electronics will determine, (1) whether or not to grant you permission to use the requested CW; (2) whether or not to impose further limitations or restrictions on your use of such CW; and (3) whether or not any fees, costs, and royalties shall apply to your use of the CW.

For inquiries please contact our marketing department.

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