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Terms and Conditions

Beijer Electronics reserves the right to modify this Web site and/or the products it describes and/or Beijer Electronics policies without notice. Beijer Electronics reserves the right to make revisions and changes to its hardware and software products as conditions necessitate, without notice to the customer, and Beijer Electronics does not guarantee the availability of any specific version of such products. In no event will Beijer Electronics be liable for incidental or consequential damages, or the infringement of any patent or third-party rights, due to the use of its products.

Document Contents

Sales Policy

Prices - Prices listed in this document are for shipments to any location worldwide. Prices are subject to change without notice.
Payments - All prices are in U.S. dollars; payments must be drawn on a U.S. bank or branch. VISA, MasterCard or American Express charge cards are accepted. Payments may also be C.O.D., pre-pay or wire transfer.
Method of Shipment - The purchaser may specify a carrier; we will use this carrier when possible. When no carrier is specified, we ship via UPS to most U.S. and international locations. For domestic or Canadian shipments specify Ground (4 to 8 days), Blue (2 days) or Red (1 day).
FOB Point - All shipments are FOB shipping point (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA). Shipping charges and insurance will be paid by the customer.
Insurance - All USA and Canadian shipments are automatically insured at no cost to the customer. Other international shipments will be insured with the carrier unless otherwise specified; insurance cost will be charged to the customer.
Manuals - Since Beijer Electronics products are OEM products, prices do not include manuals. One manual will be included with the first order for a new terminal. Please contact Beijer Electronics if additional manuals are required.
BLANKET PURCHASE ORDERS - The maximum period a blanket purchase order is valid is twelve (12) months. Due to purchasing commitments made by Beijer in response to blanket orders, no reductions in initial blanket order quantities can be accepted, without prior agreement with Beijer. Changes to scheduled ship dates for blanket purchase orders must be requested at least six (6) weeks in advance and there is no guarantee said request can be accommodated. All shipments due within four weeks are considered firm and cannot be changed.
B. Also, on this page, can you replace the "PDF Credit Application" pdf document referenced in section 2.1 with the attached one?

Credit Policy


Open Accounts will be provided to qualifying firms, both domestic and foreign. We consider an open account to be an extension of goodwill, and we expect this goodwill to be returned by prompt payment of invoices. Charges for items purchased on open account (including shipping charges) will be invoiced on the shipment date. PDF Credit Application.

Customers with a Dun and Bradstreet record should supply their D&B account number (if known). Other customers should supply three national trade references, a bank reference and the names and addresses of the firm's principals. U.S. firms must supply any applicable tax exemption forms.

Interest on overdue payments will be charged at a rate of 0.1% per day, starting 31 days from Beijer Electronics's invoice date. By requesting an open account with Beijer Electronics, a customer agrees to pay all reasonable collection and/or legal fees required to collect any past due amounts or interest.
Unless other terms are prearranged, payment terms are net amount due 30 days from the invoice date.

Return Restock Policy

STOCK PRODUCTS (X2, iX TxA/B/C, EXTER, H-series, Korenix, standard QTERM-A7/-A12/-G72, etc.) that have not been used may be returned within 90 days of Beijer's shipment date for a 15% restocking charge. All returns require a Beijer-assigned Return Material Authorization (RMA) number.
CUSTOM PRODUCTS (QTERM-J10, QTERM-G55, custom QTERM-A7/-A12/-G72, X2, iX TxX, etc.) are non-returnable. In some instances Beijer Electronics may offer salvage value for unused custom products; call for more information.
Beijer Electronics reserves the right to not accept any returns of any product after 90 days of our invoice date, or to accept them with a higher restocking charge or for salvage value only.

Repair Policy

All products (terminals, sub-assemblies, or other) returned to Beijer Electronics must have a Customer Return Order (CRO) number assigned and visible. Products returned to Beijer Electronics without an CRO number cannot be received. All CRO’s must be returned and received within 14 days of date issued to avoid being canceled.
TO OBTAIN A CUSTOMER RETURN ORDER (CRO): The following information is required for a CRO to be issued:
  • Product type or Model number
  • Quantity and Serial number of each
  • Problem experienced
  • Contact phone number and email address
  • Billing address
  • Return shipping address
  • Special instructions
When returning terminals for repair, the following guidelines apply:
  • Products returned to Beijer Electronics for repair are shipped prepaid by customer.
  • All product returned for repair must be properly and safely packaged.
  • All packages must be labeled with the assigned CRO number clearly visible on the outside of the package to avoid the return of the package at the customers expense.
  • All terminals returned for repair must be free of any hazardous contaminants.
  • All terminals returned for repair are to be reasonably clean with minimal contaminants such as oils, grease, dirt, grime, etc. Cleaning charges will be applied if needed.
  • After repair, all terminals will be returned to original factory settings; all custom applications are removed unless requested 'not to' at the time the CRO is requested. Depending on the condition of the operator terminal, not all custom applications can be salvaged.
Beijer Electronics can expedite or RUSH repairs for a fee of $125 per terminal. With this option, the diagnostics and estimate of the repair cost will be completed within two business days of receipt. Once approval for a non-warranty repair is received and all parts are available, the repair of the terminal will be expedited through the repair process. To ensure proper handling, please indicate the desire to use the expedited RUSH service when completing the CRO Request Form (4.2).
Beijer Electronics charges a $125 Diagnostic fee for all Non-Warranty (billable) repairs; this diagnostic fee is waived if / when the repair(s) is approved and completed. This charge also applies to terminals returned with no problem found, or if the customer declines the repair or requests the terminal to be scrapped.
The following payment terms are available to all customers.
  • Net 30 payment terms are extended to existing customers with accounts in good standing. A purchase order is required to complete repairs.
  • For all other customers including existing customers whose account is not in good standing, prepayment by credit card, check, or wire transfer is required. Wire transfers incur a $25.00 bank transaction fee.
  • All returns originating from outside the United States require prepayment by wire transfer. Wire transfers incur a $25.00 bank transaction fee.
All terminals returned to Beijer Electronics for repair are to be shipped prepaid by the customer. Beijer Electronics will perform a complete diagnostic and confirm the warranty status. All repairs are completed on a first in first out basis and repairs under warranty are returned to the customer prepaid by Beijer Electronics via standard ground service. All repairs are returned to original factory settings; custom applications are removed unless requested not to at the time the CRO is requested. Expedited return shipments are available upon request at customer’s expense.
All terminals returned to Beijer Electronics for repair are to be shipped prepaid by the customer. Beijer Electronics will perform a complete diagnostic and confirm the warranty status. For non-warranty repairs, Beijer will provide a repair estimate to the customer, and at the customers discretion either repair the terminal, return it unrepaired or scrap it. Repair of the terminal will begin only after the estimate and payment terms are approved. Beijer Electronics will invoice for all applicable fees including parts, labor, and return shipping charges. All repairs are returned to original factory settings; custom applications are removed unless requested not to at the time the CRO is requested. Expedited return shipments are available upon request at customer’s expense.

If after 60 days there is no approval or decline from the customer on a non-warranty repair estimate, the product will be returned unrepaired with all appropriate fees and charges applied. This includes a minimum $125 diagnostic fee plus freight charges. Beijer reserves the right to not start new returns (CRO’s) if a customer has an estimate pending approval beyond 45 days.

Limited Warranty

Beijer Electronics, Inc. warrants that its products are free from defects in materials and manufacturing, under normal use, for a period of (1) year from the date of original shipment, or:

Two (2) years for the following:
  • QTERM-G72
  • QTERM-A7
  • QTERM-A12
  • iX TxBR
  • iX TxBM
  • PPC TxBR
  • X2
Three (3) years for the following:
  • Korenix JetNet 6524G series
  • JetCard
  • JetBox 81xx
  • JetPort 52xx
  • JetWave
  • JetI/O
  • JetCon 11xx and 1201 products
Five (5) years for the following:
  • JetPOE
  • JetNet (other)*
  • JetBox (other)*
  • JetPort (other)*
  • JetCon (other)*
*Note: Where (Other) means models not otherwise mentioned as (3) year or (1). All Korenix accessories such as transceivers, cables, DIN-rail power supplies and antennas come with a (1) year warranty. See http://www.korenix.com/warranty-policy.htm for additional Korenix product warranty policy.

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