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QSI Corporation Press Releases: 2003

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05 November 2003
Graphic Operator Interface with Power-over-Ethernet.

Salt Lake City, Utah. 05 November 2003. QSI Corporation is offering a new and emerging technology called Power-over-Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) on their QTERM®-G70 graphic terminal. This innovative technology combines power and data on the same CAT5 Ethernet cable, allowing users to replace older proprietary power sources and eliminating the need to run 115 VAC power to devices on a wired LAN...

15 August 2003
QSI Corporation Opens New Facility in Europe.

Salt Lake City, Utah. 15 August 2003. QSI Corporation, manufacturer of rugged operator interface terminals, is opening a new sales, engineering and service facility at Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, named QSI Europe. Following high growth from the introduction of the QTERM®-G70 and QTERM®-G75 terminals, QSI is broadening their coverage of European markets. These powerful terminals fe...

10 March 2003
QSI Builds Ethernet-enabled Terminal for Use with Galil's Ethernet Motion Controllers.

Salt Lake City, Utah. 10 March 2003. QSI Corporation has worked closely with Galil Motion Control to design and implement a set of Galil-specific Qlarity® objects to easily interface the QTERM®-G70 and QTERM-G75 industrial graphic operator interface terminals with Galil's line of motion controllers via a serial or Ethernet connection. Both the Galil object library and QSI hardware ha...

10 February 2003
QSI Terminals Interface with National Instrument's LabVIEW™ Platforms.

Salt Lake City, Utah. 10 February 2003. QSI Corporation has worked directly with National Instruments to design and implement a set of "drivers" allowing QSI's operator interface terminals to interface with National Instrument's LabVIEW™ platforms like FieldPoint, Compact FieldPoint and PXI. Currently, drivers are available for QSI's QTERM®-J10, QTERM-G70 and QTER...

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