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QSI's QTERM-G55 is Effective Teach Pendant for Peak Robotics

Salt Lake City, Utah. 17 July 2008. The QTERM-G55 rugged operator interface, manufactured by QSI, is a central part of the teach pendant system for the KiNEDx robots, manufactured by Peak Robotics. The KiNEDx is used primarily in laboratory automation applications including drug discovery, genomics, and high throughput screening. The introduction of the QTERM-G55 to the robotic training process substantially impacts the effectiveness and productivity of what can be labor-intensive.

When a new robot is installed in a system, the robot is trained by moving its position manually to grasp and move the desired object. Peak Robotics selected the QTERM-G55 because it allows the robot technician to control the robot while standing close to it, saving the technician a substantial amount of time.

"The size and user-friendly functionality of the QTERM-G55 allow us to get close to the robot during the training process, which gives us precise control when positioning the robot," said Patrick Moreland, engineering manager of Peak Robotics. "This is essential for maintaining efficiency, and helps streamline the robotic automation process. Other terminals don't provide such a seamless process for us."

With the G55, technicians have access to the following functionality:

  • Motors can be jogged continuously in joint mode, or incrementally in joint or Cartesian mode; increment size and velocity can be adjusted.
  • The robot can be moved to previously recorded positions, and new positions can be recorded. Position names can be created, modified, and deleted.
  • Digital inputs can be monitored and digital outputs can be controlled.
  • Error messages are displayed on the terminal screen, and errors can be cleared by resetting the robot.

"We are very pleased to be working with Peak Robotics supplying them a handheld interface for their KiNEDx robot," said Karen Stanley, QSI's director of sales. "The QTERM-G55 was designed for this type of application, offering manufacturers a rugged terminal to meet the demands they face in the field and at an affordable price."

For more information on QSI's rugged operator interface terminals, visit www.qsicorp.com. To inquire about the KiNEDx robot or other robotics products, contact visit www.peakrobotics.com.

About QSI Corporation

Established in 1983, QSI Corporation is a leading manufacturer of rugged operator interface and mobile data terminals (TREQ®) for industrial OEMs and commercial vehicle systems integrators. QSI's human machine interface and mobile data terminal products include character and graphic terminals that are programmable, customizable, CE Certified and NEMA 4/12/13 rated. Numerous interfaces are available, including EIA-232, EIA-422, EIA-485, J1708/1939, USB, Ethernet and Power-over- Ethernet. QSI excels at building custom and semi-custom terminals able to withstand high levels of shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, humidity and other environmental parameters. All QSI Corporation products are designed and manufactured in the USA at the company's headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information, contact QSI Corporation at 801-466-8770 or visit www.qsicorp.com.

About Peak Robotics

Incorporated in 1989, Peak Robotics manufactures robots, microplate storage products and special systems for a variety of industries including: biotech, life sciences, electronics, semiconductor and more. Their group of talented and motivated engineers strives to design and build innovative products incorporating the latest proven technologies. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, with a satellite office in Northern California, they provide their products worldwide through partnerships with several companies. Most manufacturing is done in-house to ensure top quality. Peak Robotics believes in supporting local companies whenever possible and all robots are made in the USA, with most OEM parts also being made in the USA. For more information visit www.peakrobotics.com.

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