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Beijer Electronics releases iX Developer 2.20 SP2

Features X2 series support, new functions and improved quality

Beijer Electronics releases service pack 2 for iX Developer 2.20. Service pack 2 introduces support for the new X2 series, a number of new features and bug fixes to consolidate product quality further:

Support for X2 series panel families: X2 base, X2 pro, X2 marine, X2 control, X2 motion.

A number of new features:

  • Improved Tag monitor.
  • Screen cache editing on all screens in a project.
  • Improved conversion of Information Designer projects to iX.
  • Access to system tags for X2 panels e.g. serial number of panels, individual CPU core values, health status of flash memory, lifetime used.
  • New driver help via web browser.

Consolidated product quality through a number of bug fixes.

Please visit http://www.beijerelectronics.com/en/Products/Operator___panels/iX___Software and read more about service pack 2, download iX and try the software.

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