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QSI Corporation Press Releases: 2017

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17 October 2017
Beijer Electronics introduces custom branded foils for X2 HMIs

Profile your brand on X2 operator panels with a customized front foil of your design and link the user experience of your machine to your visual corporate identity. Choose from basic branding for smaller quantities and extended branding with more graphic options for larger quantities.    Basic branding Basic branding includes digital print of logo, illustration, model name, etc...

10 October 2017
Beijer Electronics launches WARP 1.10 – improving workflow

The focus for WARP Engineering Studio 1.10 has been to improve workflow to further simplify engineering and add support for new hardware and the latest software. At the same time, our software team has added several minor general improvements to enhance the user experience and upgraded overall product quality. This is what's new in WARP 1.10: Improved workflow by features such as edit...

05 October 2017
Beijer Electronics launches new X2 pro 7 operator panel

The new X2 pro 7 2E panel in the X2 pro family features two Ethernet ports and enables customers to let the panel communicate with more external networks without adding an external switch. The X2 pro 7 2E panel furthermore supports a PDF viewer which allows customers to present PDF documents for instructions, maintenance, etc. directly in the panel. The X2 pro family X2 pro panels include a ...

12 July 2017
Beijer Electronics launches iX Integrator software

iX Integrator is a value-added enhancement to Beijer Electronics’ existing iX Developer software and enables customers to integrate multiple HMIs into a single, shared HMI solution and provide HMI project extensions for their business partners. Reduces footprint and lower costs With iX Integrator, the primary OEM and its partners can create joint HMI solutions utilizing common software...

31 May 2017
Beijer Electronics Launches iX 2.30 – Enriched User Experience

The focus for iX 2.30 has been to introduce a number of new functions to meet the wishes and requirements of many iX users. At the same time our iX software team has resolved more than 50 customer-reported bugs improving product quality. This is what's new in iX 2.30: Multiple versions installation, side by side enables you to edit an existing old application without having to up...

25 January 2017
Beijer Electronics Introduces Two-Year Warranty for X2 Operator Panels

Beijer Electronics is proud to introduce a standard two-year warranty for all operator panels in its latest X2 series. Salt Lake City, Utah - January 25, 2017 Beijer Electronics has a strong focus on providing high quality products. Beijer Electronics is continuously improving its quality processes during both product development and manufacturing. Substantial investments in modern test equ...

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