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  • P04-558


    For use with terminals with a DB9 connector and a EIA-232 port; QTERM-K65, QTERM-P40, QTERM-G70, QTERM-G72, QTERM-A7 or QTERM-G75.

    A DB9 to DB9 connector with wall-mount power supply. (120 VAC/60 Hz) 2A @ 12 VDC; 2 meters long. Connects directly to a PC's COM port and powers your terminal.


  • Display Shields

    Display Shields

    The removable touch screen protectors have a durable hard coat with an anti-reflective coating that resists smudges and fingerprints and will not interfere with the sensitivity of the touch screen. See our screen protector installation page for additional information.

    Order Part Number: N04-187, pack of 2 (QTERM-G70, QTERM-Z60)
    Order Part Number: N04-188, pack of 2 (QTERM-G75)
    Order Part Number: N07-606, pack of 2 (TREQ-VM / TREQ-VMx)
    Order Part Number: N06-431, pack of 2 (TREQ-M4 / TREQ-M4x)
    Order Part Number: N05-458, pack of 2 (TREQ-DX, TREQ-L, QTERM-A7, QTERM-G72)

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