Intuitive and user-friendly configuration tool for the E1000 series of operator panels

E-Designer is the software used to program E1000 HMIs. It is installed and licensed for an end user's or system integrator's PC. It was created and branded for Mitsubish Electric by Beijer Electronics when Mitsubishi sold the E1000 series HMIs. E-Designer is nearly identical to Information Designer, which is used to program the EXTER HMIs.

E-Designer Screen Shot

Save Time

In less the ten minutes, you can get your first application up and running. A wide selection of ready-made objects and functions make it easy for you to create applications by just pointing and placing on the screen. In the graphic environment, you can see exactly how the final result will appear. You can file projects, copy blocks, texts and graphics between different projects and reuse earlier solutions.
The off-line simulator enables you to instantly test the application – the easiest way to make sure that for example, all links and short-cuts are included.

Powerful configuration

Projects are created in a visual environment that both show the project structure with the block manager function, and gives a complete project overview in the project manager. You can see what is happening in the process by connecting dynamic texts and graphics to the running status and measurements.

E-Designer Screen Shot

Languages for user-friendliness in development and in operation

You can choose between six languages for the menus in E-Designer, as well as set up several languages for the application project, a powerful tool for creating user-friendly applications.

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