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Handheld Windows CE Terminals

WinCE extended to Handheld Graphic HMIs

Available this March, Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 will be offered on both the QTERM-G58 and new QTERM-G56 handheld human machine interface terminals. Already featured on our TREQ® mobile data terminals, Windows Embedded CE 6.0 allows you to use Microsoft® Visual Studio® and related technologies like Win32, MFC, Visual C#® and Visual Basic® for application development.

Product Integration

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 will easily integrate with existing systems and offer a variety of applications. Beijer Electronics's proprietary language, Qlarity®, will still be available but not required to make an application for the terminal.

Both the QTERM-G58 and QTERM-G56 feature rugged ABS housing and a bright 89 mm (3.5") 320 x 240 pixel color transflective sunlight readable LCD touch screen display. The QTERM-G58 is a battery-powered handheld terminal with optional WiFi. The new low-cost QTERM-G56 offers tethered connectivity for applications that don't require wireless portability.

Handheld Windows CE Terminal Comparison

Our rugged graphic HMI terminals feature many different configurations including bright touch screen displays, handheld or panel-mount housing and WiFi. All QTERM® industrial graphic terminals use Qlarity, our BASIC-like object-based programming language for quick and easy custom application development and integration.

Features QTERM-G56 QTERM-G58
Internal Li-polymer rechargeable battery pack -- Yes
NEMA Rated -12/-4 -4
802.11g/b wireless Ethernet -- Yes
10/100 Base-T Ethernet Yes --
E-stop (requires integral cable) Yes --
Integral Cable Yes --
NEMA-4 Rated Yes --
Download the Data Sheet Download the QTERM-G56 Data Sheet Download the QTERM-G58 Data Sheet

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