Beijer Electronics Human Machine Interface (HMI) terminals, or Operator Interface Terminals (OITs), are ideal for any industrial environment. Each of our human machine interfaces comes with powerful software and unmatched support.



H-Series HMI

H-Series HMI
  • • 3.5" - 10" Touch Screens
  • • H-Designer Software
  • • 32-bit RISC Processor
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Human Machine Interface Terminals
Also referred to as an Operator Interface Terminal or Man Machine Interface Terminal, these terminals act as the central control point for interaction with controllers and other machinery in environments such as factory floors, water and power facilities, printing floors, oil and gas facilities, marine vessels and more.

Touch Screen Terminals
See why we are leading the industry with rugged touch screen terminals. Click a category above to learn more about our touch screen HMIs.

Operator Interface Panels
Our selection of panel-mount terminals offers a variety of screen sizes, connectivities and runtime environments.

Industrial Automation & PLC HMIs
Our line of iX Software powered HMI terminals gives you the ability to interact with controllers from dozens of manufacturers. Be sure to view our PLC Drivers List for more information.

Handheld HMIs
QSI manufactures rugged handheld HMIs with options such as touch screen, wireless, battery power and custom keypads. Availabile in both graphic and character based terminals.

Character Terminals
Our character terminals are built rugged, consume low power and are highly configurable. Available in handheld or panel-mount housing, these terminals make an affordable interface to your machinery.

Custom HMI Terminals
With our extensive experience in building terminals from the ground up, we can utilize this expertise to create a custom terminal for your needs. We design, engineer, prototype, test and manufacture all QSI terminals in house.

Qlarity Object-Based Programming
Qlarity is a free object-based programming language designed by QSI for our growing line of graphic terminals.

Customer Testimonials
Our terminals are being used for a variety of applications worldwide. See what our customers are saying.

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