Hover over the icons in the interactive chart below for additional information. Many of the icons are also clickable.

  iX automation drivers                         iX advanced navigation iX enhanced color depth
Beijer Electronics Logo  iX scalable vector graphics iX alarms recipes trends iX datalogging audit trail iX web server iX recommended number of tags iX recommended number of alarms iX recommended number of logged tags iX recommended number of screens iX pdf viewer iX web browser iX media player iX 3rd party software
TxA iX Software TxA HMI TxA iX automation drivers TxA iX scalable vector graphics TxA iX alarms recipes trends TxA iX datalogging audit trail TxA iX web server 1000 400 50 60            
TxB iX Software TxB HMI TxB iX automation drivers TxB iX scalable vector graphics TxB iX alarms recipes trends TxB iX datalogging audit trail TxB iX web server 3000 1500 1000 300 TxB iX pdf viewer TxB iX web browser TxB iX media player      
TxC iX Software TxC HMI TxC iX automation drivers TxC iX scalable vector graphics TxC iX alarms recipes trends TxC iX datalogging audit trail TxC iX web server 4000 4000 2000 600 TxC iX pdf viewer TxC iX web browser TxC iX media player TxC iX 3rd party software TxC iX advanced navigation TxC iX enhanced color depth
QTERM iX Software QSI QTERM HMI QSI QTERM iX automation drivers QSI QTERM iX scalable vector graphics QSI QTERM iX alarms recipes trends QSI QTERM iX datalogging audit trail QSI QTERM iX web server 1500 600 50 250 QSI QTERM  iX pdf viewer QSI QTERM  iX web browser QSI QTERM  iX media player      

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