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We offer human machine interface (HMI) products ranging from 4.3" to 21". Whether on the factory floor or in harsh environments, all terminals run Beijer's revolutionary iX Software. It's wide range of drivers enables direct communication with most automation equipment controllers including modules for Profibus DP, MPI and CAN. The iX operator panels can be configured with Beijer's brand, no-brand or custom-branding options.

X2 series Operator Panels

4", 5", 7", 10", 12", 15", 21" modern operator panels with iX software

T4A  Operator Panel

TxF-2 Operator Panels (no longer available)

5", 7", 10" basic operator panels with iX software

T4A  Operator Panel

TxA Operator Panels (no longer available)

4.3", 7", 10" professional operator panels with iX software

T4A  Operator Panel

TxB Operator Panels (no longer available)

7", 12", 15" professional operator panels with Atom processors and iX software

T12B  HMI with Atom processor and iX software

TxC Operator Panels

12", 15", 21" Panel PCs with Intel® Celeron® or Core® i7 processors with
Windows 7 and iX run-time

T21C terminals

Rugged HMI Terminals

7", 12", and 15" terminals designed for rugged environments

QTERM A7 terminals

To find additional support, visit our Industrial Partners page for a list of selected companies whose software, hardware and services compliment our operator interface terminals.

Our QSI graphic terminals and character terminals are built to withstand high levels of shock, vibration, humidity and other environmental conditions. We also offer mobile data terminals that feature options like WiFi, cellular modems, GPS and digital I/Os.


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