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QTERM®-IIRugged, Industrial Handheld or Panel-Mount Human Machine Interface Terminal

Please Note:

The QTERM-II models are in End-of-Life (EOL) status. Last time buy is 31 October 2015 per the End of Life Notification. In its place, we recommend using the QTERM-J10.

The transition for QTERM-II customers is to the QTERM-G55. The G55 is programmed via Qlarity software. Within Qlarity, there is a QEmulator object that does a decent job of emulating the QTERM-II.

For Pricing, please call 1-801-466-8770 or send us an email.

QTERM-II Hardware Specifications

  • Supertwist, 20x4, LCD display.
  • 24- or 40-key tactile keypad with shift LED and row of programmable indicator LEDs.
  • EIA-232, EIA-422 or 5-volt Buffered interface.
  • 63 bytes of nonvolatile storage for user data.
  • Available in a handheld or panel-mount housing.
  • Auxiliary EIA-232 port for easy data input using bar code wands or other peripherals.
  • Lighted, wide-temperature and vacuum-fluorescent displays (VFD) are available as options.
  • Battery option for up to 190 hours of operation.
  • Optional emergency-stop switch (E-stop) on handheld units with DB9 connector.
  • Optional two-position deadman switch on handheld units.

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