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QTERM®-K65Rugged NEMA-4 Graphics Touch-Screen Terminal

Please Note:

The QTERM-K65 is no longer being sold. It was discontinued in May 2013, per the End of Life Notification. In its place, we recommend using the QTERM-G72 or QTERM-A7.

QTERM-K65 Hardware Specifications

  • Large, lighted LCD graphic, 240 x 128 or 320 x 240 pixels, easily viewable under most lighting conditions.
  • Resistive touch screen and soft keys for user input.
  • 512 kbytes of flash memory for program, screen and object storage.
  • Meets full NEMA-4 specifications for hose-down, icing and salt spray.
  • Object-oriented Visual Terminal Protocol (VTP) makes programming the K65 quick and easy , even for complex graphics.
  • Pre-defined objects such as gauges, lines, polylines, boxes, text, VT-52, touch keys, bitmaps and fonts make complex screens easy to design.
  • Speaker is programmable in both duration and pitch.
  • Temperature sensor for controlling automatic contrast adjustment in changing environmental conditions.
  • CE certified. Made from UL Rated 94v-0 glass-filled polyester.
  • Standard DB9f connector. A second DB9f is available with the second serial interface options.
  • Switching power supply with a wide input voltage range.
  • Customizable legend for branding purposes.

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