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Operational Temperature Comparison

Many of our terminals are used in extremely hot or cold environments. See how our terminals compare to the competition below. Updated September 2010.

Manufacturer Series Model Size Environmental Specifications Operating Temp.
Maple Silver Series HMI5104XH 10.4" 0/45 °C
Maple Classic Silver Series HMI550T 10.4" 0/45 °C
Red Lion G3 G310C 10.4" 0/50 °C
Pro-Face GP2000 GP2500-TC41 10.4" 0/50 °C
Beijer Electronics QSI / QTERM QTERM-A7 7" -30/70 °C
Beijer Electronics QSI / QTERM QTERM-A12 12" -30/70 °C
Beijer Electronics iX / PPC T7BR 7" -30/70 °C
Beijer Electronics iX / PPC T15BR 15" -30/70 °C

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