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iX TxF-2 Operator Panels

Please Note:

The iX TxF-2 products are in End-of-Life (EOL) status.
Please see the EOL Notifications page under iX Panels. The iX TxF-2 models have been replaced by the nearly identical X2 base 5 / 7/ 10 models

Basic industrial operator panels

The iX TxF-2 series offers three cost-effective industrial HMIs with high-resolution touch-screen and modern design. The iX TxF-2 panels combine IP65 plastic housing with the full version of the iX HMI Software, making it a cost-effective yet advanced HMI. All iX TxF-2 panels feature Ethernet, serial and USB ports. There is sufficient processing speed and application memory for most HMI applications. The UL and CE approved product line can be ordered with standard or OEM front panel designs.

The affordable iX TxF-2 family of touch-screen HMIs coupled with Beijer's powerful iX software that interfaces with most PLCs are ideal operator interface terminals for small scale machines, printing machines, packaging machines, CNC machines, assembly automation, and building automation applications. Download the iX TxF-2 family datasheet.

  iX TxF-2 Family Comparison
  iX T5F-2 iX T7F-2 iX T10F-2
Display 5" TFT LCD 7" TFT LCD 10" TFT LCD
Resolution 800 × 480 800 x 480 800 × 480
Brightness 300 cd/m² 400 cd/m² 350 cd/m²
Size 170.4 × 106.8 × 49.2 mm 196 × 146 × 52.2 mm 284.3 × 186.6 × 52.2 mm
Weight 0.5 kg 0.7 kg 1.3 kg
  Download the Data Sheet Download the Data Sheet Download the Data Sheet

For Pricing, please call 1-801-466-8770 or send us an email.

iX TxF-2 Hardware Specifications

  • LED lighted, TFT color LCD display
  • Analog-resistive touch screen
  • 400 MHz ARM9 processor
  • 128 MB RAM and 200 MB Application Storage
  • (2x4) RS-232/422/485 serial ports
  • (1) USB 2.0 (max. 400 mA)
  • (1) 10/100Base-T RJ45 Ethernet
  • iX Software with protocols for most industrial automation controllers
  • Plastic housing material
  • IP65 front sealing protection, IP20 rear
  • Backlight lifetime 20,000 hours
  • Power 24 VDC
  • Consumption at 24 VDC: T5F-2 - 6W, T7F-2 - 6W, T10F-2 - 11W
  • Operating temperature of -10 to 50 °C, storage temperature of -20 to 60 °C
  • Humidity <85% non-condensed
  • cUL approved CE (EN55022), FCC part 15, and KCC Certified
  • No optional features available.

iX Software for the TxF-2 Family of Products

iX Software LogoTxF-2 operator panels use the intuitive iX Software with multiple drivers to communicate with your automation equipment, OPC UA client/server or supplied web server for connectivity, scalable vector graphics, an open platform and enhanced HMI functionality. The truly open architecture of iX takes advantage of .NET® controls, C#® scripting, WPF® objects, SQL connectivity. Features like alarms, recipes, trends and systems tags are supported, in addition to data logging, security, remote access and more.

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