With iX Integrator, an OEM and its partner(s) can create joint HMI solutions utilizing common software and hardware. It allows the OEM to give its partners and end users the ability to add custom HMI programming and capabilities without impacting the core function of the OEM’s operator panel.

iX Integrator solutions reduce footprint and lower costs by combining resources into a single, shared HMI and creates synergistic solutions by centralizing the operator interface. At the same time iX Integrator solutions makes the machine operator’s tasks safer and easier to access and manage.

Typical Use Cases

Example 1: A machine supplier manufactures, programs and sells a component or machine normally used together with peripheral equipment. A system integrator completes the system and delivers to the end customer.

Example 2: A machine is designed and built in one country for global market distribution. A distributor in another country adds custom screens and operator options that better address the local requirements for the machine.

iX Integrator Benefits

Enables partners to create collaborative, integrated HMI solutions without impacting the integrity of the main HMI program ensuring the security between the HMI’s master project and partners/end users’ client (extension) projects.

Protects primary OEM’s intellectual property from changes or errors introduced from partners or end users by ensuring the main OEM screens are intact and reducing the likelihood of a partner/end user damaging the OEMs core solution.

Builds a synergetic HMI solution based on iX. The primary OEM’s HMI is enhanced by the partners’ extensions. End users have the freedom to create custom items applicable to its business.

Gives the primary OEM control over software updates, fixes and added features including abilities to control, allow or prohibit: Poll-group intervals, data logging, system tabs, C# scripting, start-up screen, screen copying between primary and secondary, alarm servers, text library sharing, storage and memory.


iX Integrator is available in two licensed versions:
iX Developer – Integrator Master is for the primary OEM (master)
iX Developer – Integrator Client is for the partners (clients) of the primary OEM

An iX Integrator Master license includes support for iX Integrator Client and iX Developer functionality; an iX Integrator Client license includes support for iX Developer functionality.

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