iX empowers the automation industry with modern tools to communicate to PLC and controller systems. The software combines top-class graphics and smarter functions that provide intuitive operations. iX software includes the almost limitless connectivity to automation equipment through the extensive list of iX drivers. All Beijer Electronics' iX-based HMIs include iX Run-time. However one can buy iX Run-time separate from a Beijer Electronics HMI.

A separately-licensed iX Run-time product converts a typical Windows PC into an full-functioning iX operator panel. The operator display can be a resistive touch screen or non-touch screen, mouse-driven one. iX Run-time is simply iX Run-time software that is loaded on a PC via a USB dongle.

The PC must meet the following requirements:
- Microsoft Windows operating system: 7, 8.1 or 10
- RAM: at least 1 GB
- CPU: a processor of at least 1.3 GHZ
- Graphics Card (Tier 2) recomemndations: DirectX version greater than or equal to 9.0, Video RAM greater than or equal to 120 MB, Pixel shader version level must be greater than or equal to 2.0, Vertex shader version level must be greater than or equal to 2.0, and Multitexture units must be greater than or equal to 4.

iX Run-time software is offered in three priced options:
- iX Runtime 250 (250 tag license for PC including USB dongle)
- iX Runtime 2000 (2000 tag license for PC including USB dongle)
- iX Runtime 40000 (4000 tag license for PC including USB dongle)

iX EPC Box
iX Run-time can also be obtained in a unique Beijer Electronics box-PC hardware package. iX EPC Box is a product bundle consisting of an iX Run-time software license included with an industrial PC, without a monitor or display (one would need to be added -- not a product supplied by Beijer.)

There are six iX EPC Box hardware configurations based on Windows Embedded Standard 7 or Windows 7 Professional operating systems. The Intel Core i7 CPU models support 4000 tags; the Intel Celeron CPU models support 2000 tags. Models also differ in their operating temperature ranges: -10°C - +40°C, -10°C - +45°C or -20°C - +60°C.

Click HERE for a 2-page datasheet

  • iX Developer Training Videos

    iX Developer Training Videos
    • A series of short training videos that will help a user learn iX Developer
    • We suggest pausing the video and performing the same steps in your own application

  • Universal Connectivity

    HMI Functionality and Communications
    • Drivers to support PLCs and other common automation equipment
    • OPC UA client / server architecture for multi-platform support and scalability
    • Web server support provides enterprise, office and mobile connectivity
    • Deploy to multiple automation controllers with just one design
  • Enhanced HMI Functionality

    HMI Functionality and Communications
    • Recipes, tags and alarms for improved operations
    • Trends, audit trail, data logging and security
    • Multilingual support and remote access for enhanced usability
    • Graphs, charts, and dyno card presentations
  • State-of-the-art Graphics

    State of the Art Graphics
    • Vector-based graphics (WPF) that can be scaled and rotated
    • Component library of ready-made components designed for industrial applications
    • Windows media objects: Internet Explorer®, Windows® Media Player and PDF Viewer
    • Dynamic objects such as buttons, sliders, meters, symbols and trends
  • Intuitive Design Environment

    Intuitive Design Environment
    • User-friendly Windows environment with ribbon tabs and tool tips
    • Simulations both online and off-line
    • Format painter tool to easily copy formatted properties from one object to another
    • Predefined quick styles provide uniform appearance and easy styling
  • Truly Open Architecture

    Truly Open Architecture
    • .NET Framework compatible with numerous Microsoft® Windows® operating systems
    • Object-oriented C# programming language
    • SQL connectivity for data storage, retrieval and management
    • Remote Access Capabilities

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