iX Software is a revolutionary software that features drivers to communicate with your automation equipment, enhanced HMI functionality, state-of-the-art graphics, an intuitive design environment and a truly open platform for today's automation market. iX Developer is a licensed application that runs on a Windows PC and is used to program iX operator panels. iX run-time is included on iX operator panels and works with projects created by iX Developer. iX run-time can also be separately licensed and installed on any brand of Windows PC; this enables any Windows PC to recieve iX Developer projects and operate as an iX HMI.

Download either of the two 12-page iX software brochures: Option 1 | Option 2
To understand what is new in iX 2.20 versus iX 2.10, click HERE (24-page pdf).
A 3-page Project Upgrade Guide can help transition older iX projects to iX 2.20

  • iX Developer Training Videos

    iX Developer Training Videos
    • A series of short training videos that will help a user learn iX Developer
    • We suggest pausing the video and performing the same steps in your own application

  • Universal Connectivity

    HMI Functionality and Communications
    • Drivers to support PLCs and other common automation equipment
    • OPC UA client / server architecture for multi-platform support and scalability
    • Web server support provides enterprise, office and mobile connectivity
    • Deploy to multiple automation controllers with just one design
  • Enhanced HMI Functionality

    HMI Functionality and Communications
    • Recipes, tags and alarms for improved operations
    • Trends, audit trail, data logging and security
    • Multilingual support and remote access for enhanced usability
    • Graphs, charts, and dyno card presentations
  • State-of-the-art Graphics

    State of the Art Graphics
    • Vector-based graphics (WPF) that can be scaled and rotated
    • Component library of ready-made components designed for industrial applications
    • Windows media objects: Internet Explorer®, Windows® Media Player and PDF Viewer
    • Dynamic objects such as buttons, sliders, meters, symbols and trends
  • Intuitive Design Environment

    Intuitive Design Environment
    • User-friendly Windows environment with ribbon tabs and tool tips
    • Simulations both online and off-line
    • Format painter tool to easily copy formatted properties from one object to another
    • Predefined quick styles provide uniform appearance and easy styling
  • Truly Open Architecture

    Truly Open Architecture
    • .NET Framework compatible with numerous Microsoft® Windows® operating systems
    • Object-oriented C# programming language
    • SQL connectivity for data storage, retrieval and management
    • Remote Access Capabilities

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