Design your application with common HMI features like recipes, tags and alarms as well as trendings, audit trail, data logging and security. Multilingual support and remote access enhance usability.

  • Alarm Management
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    Alarms can be set individually or divided into groups based on priority. Create lists of alarm receivers in design-time and save old alarm histories.

  • Recipes
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    Create and manage recipe libraries containing different sets of parameters to improve runtime efficiency and save time.

  • Data Logging
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    iX offers you data logging via a built-in local data base for documentation or other purposes. Data can be easily logged and saved during runtime.

  • Trends
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    A trend object provides a visual representation of historical or real time events in a process. You can specify logging of data to be carried out at time intervals or by changed data values.

  • Security
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    Security features give the operator access to well-defined areas using a password. Authorize by user or restrict access to a specified group.

  • Audit Trail
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    Establishing an audit trail is essential in process tracking. Track user identification, time and place of interactions or events.

  • Database Export
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    Production reports (e.g., alarms, trends or audit trails). can be created quickly and exported into external data bases for further analysis.

  • reporting tools


    The report generator can create reports based on a Microsoft Excel made report template. Capture screens for local storage, distribution or printed to your printer.

  • Multiple Languages
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    Choose from a vast number of languages in the runtime menus, as well as set up several languages for your application project.


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