From the bridge and topside to the engine room and underdeck, Beijer Electronics has HMIs -- operator panels and Panel PCs -- to most maritime electronics requrements. Our years of experience and maritime certifications make our HMI solutions perfect for offshore rigs, cargo ships, workboats, luxury yachts, sailing boats and cruise ships. Beijer iX Marine and Rugged HMIs are used for application including propulsion, thrusters, steering gears, engine control, bilge water treatment, ballast water treatment, potable water supply, stablization, anchors, etc. Beijer's iX software running on its iX Marine HMIs provide essential process tracking and compliance verification with audit trail functionality. Extended alarm treatments can be networked from panel to crew via printer, SMS, email or through other panels. No matter where you need to monitor and control a critical system, our marine and rugged marine operator panels fit the requirements.

To find additional support, visit our Industrial Partners page for a list of selected companies whose software, hardware and services compliment our operator interface terminals.

Our QTERM graphic terminals and character terminals are built to withstand high levels of shock, vibration, humidity and other environmental conditions. We also offer mobile data terminals that feature options like WiFi, cellular modems, GPS and digital I/Os.


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