Qlarity by Beijer Electronics, Inc.

Qlarity Downloads

A Comprehensive list of Qlarity-related files and resources

Name Description Size
Qlarity Foundry® v2.63 PC-based design tool that provides a Windows® environment for developing programs with Qlarity. 31 MB
Qlarity Downloader Standalone program to download compiled applications or firmware to Qlarity-based terminals. 308 KB
Qlarity Tutorial 1 An Introduction to Qlarity and Qlarity Foundry. 545.23 KB
Qlarity Tutorial 2 Using Event Builder to Respond to Events in your Application. 392.57 KB
Qlarity Tutorial 3 Exploring Qlarity Objects and Tools. 480.26 KB
Qlarity Tutorial 4 Adding Intelligence Through Programming in Qlarity. 360.22 KB
Mitsubishi FX1 Object Library A Qlarity object library that provides communication tools for the Mitsubishi FX or PLC controllers. 122.1 KB
OrbComm Object Library A Qlarity object library to allow communication between OrbComm modems and Qlarity-enabled terminals. 1.87 MB
Qlarity Demo A demonstration Qlarity program. Demonstrates how complete applications can be constructed with existing objects. 32.66 KB
Qlarity Conference Room Scheduler A company-wide, conference room scheduling Qlarity application using Qlarity terminals. 248.25 KB
Qlarity Trade Show Demo A demonstration program written using existing objects, object overrides, templates and other Qlarity features. 151.88 KB
Qlarity HVAC Demo A demonstration program written to control lighting, temperature and security systems. 98.61 KB
Qlear Out A Qlarity arcade game similar to Arkanoid™. 183.94 KB
Bombfinder A Qlarity game similar to Microsoft's Minesweeper™. 37.12 KB
Lances A Qlarity game similar to the arcade game Joust™. 210.12 KB
Qlarity Invaders A Qlarity game similar to the arcade game Space Invaders™. 259.92 KB

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