Qlarity Object Libraries Providing quick, reliable application development

To load a Qlarity library into Qlarity Foundry:
simply place the .qlib file inside your Qlarity Foundry installation folder.
( C:\Program Files\QSI Corporation\Qlarity Foundry\ )

To add a library to your workspace:
While in Qlarity Foundry go to the Edit->Edit Libraries menu and select "Add Existing Library".

Pre-Installed Libraries


Standard objects use for interaction with the terminal. Includes the container, display, and input-type objects.


Communication and file system objects. Includes objects for receiving and sending information over ethernet or serial networks.


Objects with specialized functionality. Includes objects such as a Pie Chart, Direction Pad, XY Plot, and Transparent Label.


Objects for provide communication between a Qlarity-enabled terminals and Galil Motion Controllers.

Modbus® v2

Library for communicating with devices that use Modbus® RTU or Modbus® TCP/IP.


Qlarity objects to easily accommodate foreign / multiple languages.

NI Object v2

Use in combination with LabVIEW VIs to easily create applications for local displays and controls running on Qlarity-enabled terminals.

Other Libraries

Mitsubishi FX1

Provides tools for communicating with the Mitsubishi FX or PLC controllers and Qlarity-enabled terminals.

Download the Qlarity Mitsubishi FX1 Library

Qlarity and Mitsubishi FX PLCs Application Note


The OrbComm library allows communication with OrbComm modems, such as the Stellar ST2500, and Qlarity-enabled terminals.

Download the Qlarity OrbComm Library

Qlarity Objects A comprehensive list of Qlarity objects made by Beijer Electronics, Inc.

AngleText Icon AngleText BDF TTF
Draws text at a user-defined angle using a TrueType font.
AnimatedImage Icon AnimatedImage
Create animations using bitmaps and change their frame rate.
BasicEthernet Icon BasicEthernet
Object to communicate via TCP/IP or UDP/IP. Use to design a custom protocol.
BasicSerial Icon BasicSerial
Object to communicate with the terminal's serial port(s). Use to design a custom protocol.
BitmapButton Icon BitmapButton
Displays bitmap and handles screen presses.
Button Icon Button BDF TTF
Push button with configurable text, font, color and events.
CheckBox Icon CheckBox BDF TTF
Display and change a boolean value.
ClockDisplay Icon ClockDisplay
Analog or digital clock object to display the current time and/or date of the unit.
ColorPicker Icon ColorPicker
Allows color selection from a complete set of colors available on the terminal.
DataGrid Icon DataGrid
Scrollable, row/column grid that can display text and handle touch screen presses.
DataLogger Icon DataLogger
Append data to a text file stored in the terminal's flash memory.
DelimitedComm Icon DelimitedComm
Parses incoming data on a specified comport into packets separated by a specified delimiter.
DirectionPad Icon DirectionPad
A direction pad comprised of arrows which allow programmable events.
DisplaySetting Icon DisplaySetting
Set the contrast / backlight values and save them to flash memory.
DNSClient Icon DNSClient
Used for retrieving an IP Address from a domain name address.
Scroll through a drop down list to make a selection when screen space is limited.
EditBox Icon EditBox
Simple text editor object.
Ellipse Icon Ellipse
Ellipse with fill, outline, and event capabilities.
EthernetClient Icon EthernetClient TCP/IP UPD/IP
Used to communicate with another device using TCP/IP or UDP/IP.
EthernetProtocol Icon EthernetProtocol
Used to communicate with another device using the terminal's (optional) ethernet interface.
EthernetServer Icon EthernetServer TCP/IP UPD/IP
Used to communicate with another device using TCP/IP or UDP/IP.
ExceptionDisplay Icon ExceptionDisplay
Used to catch runtime errors on the terminal that might otherwise go unnoticed.
FileBrowser Icon FileBrowser
Allows the user to browse the files that exist in the terminal's flash file system.
FileObject Icon FileObject
Write data to and read data from a binary file.
FTPServer Icon FTPServer
A FTP server that will wait for connections using FTP protocol o send and receive files.
GalilComm Icon GalilComm Galil
Forms the core of the Galil library. Controls all interaction between the motion controller and a terminal.
Gauge Icon Gauge
Bar graph or gauge with user-defined start, end, color, gradient and orientation.
GMCCommandDisplay Icon GMCCommandDisplay Galil
Simple interface to execute an arbitrary command or series of commands of a Galil Motion Controller.
GMCCommandExec Icon GMCCommandExec Galil
A non-graphical interface for executing an arbitrary command or series of commands on a Galil Motion Controller.
GMCDownload Icon GMCDownload Galil
Used to download a program to a Galil Motion Controller or upload an existing program from the controller.
GMCGauge Icon GMCGauge Galil
Implements a flexible bar graph to graphically indicate a floating-point value.
GMCPathTrace Icon GMCPathTrace Galil
Implements a type of 2D graphic that can be used to plot the recent positions of the motor.
GMCPoll Icon GMCPoll Galil
Polls the controller with an arbitrary command at regular intervals.
GMCSimpleTerminal Icon GMCSimpleTerminal Galil
This object is a simple terminal window used to send arbitrary commands to the controller. You can use this object to compose commands to send to the motion controller using a simple on-screen keypad. Recent commands are saved so that they may be resent. The results of the commands are displayed in the terminal window at the bottom of the object.
GMCTachometer Icon GMCTachometer Galil
An analog dial gauge to show a value.
GMCTrendChart Icon GMCTrendChart Galil
Implements a line graph that can be used to chart data.
GroupBox Icon GroupBox
This object is designed to provide a labeled frame for related objects. It behaves similar to a screen object, but provides a title and is intended to be used within a larger screen rather than as a full screen object by itself.
HttpClient Icon HttpClient
Used to exchange data via HTTP protocol
IconButton Icon IconButton
The standard object for displaying text, displaying a bitmap, and handling a screen press.
Image Icon Image
Display bitmap (.bmp) images with optional transparency, blinking and event handling.
IPAddressEntry Icon IPAddressEntry
Used to set each of the four sections of an IP Address.
Label Icon Label BDF TTF
Text box with user definable properties that can handle touch screen presses.
Line Icon Line
Draw a straight line segment.
ListBox Icon ListBox
Displays any number of text strings and optionally allows any of them to be selected.
MBCom Icon MBCom Modbus
Handles all of the Modbus communications over the serial and ethernet port.
MBGauge Icon MBGauge Modbus
Display a register value with a bar graph and many user-defined properties.
MBMomentaryButton Icon MBMomentaryButton Modbus
Momentary button that temporarily sets the value of a coil when it is pressed.
MBRegister Icon MBRegister Modbus
Sets or reads the current value in a register on a remote device.
MBSlave Icon MBSlave Modbus
A simulator of the Modbus slave. This implements 16-bit registers. It follows conformity level one.
MBSlider Icon MBSlider Modbus
Sets the current value of a register using a slider control.
MBSpinner Icon MBSpinner Modbus
Sets and displays the current value of a register with a spinner control.
MBStateAlarm Icon MBStateAlarm Modbus
Monitors the value of a register and can be used to show status (e.g. alarm)
MBStringRegister Icon MBStringRegister Modbus
Set or read a group of registers with a string value.
MBTachometer Icon MBTachometer Modbus
Display the current value of a register using a tachometer gauge.
MBToggleBitmap Icon MBToggleBitmap Modbus
An on / off toggle switch with changeable bitmaps. User this object to toggle the value of a coil on the Modbus slave.
MBToggleButton Icon MBToggleButton Modbus
Display and set the current value of a coil with a bitmap toggle button.
MBTrendChart Icon MBTrendChart Modbus
Displays a chart of the current and past values of a register.
MBVirtualCoil Icon MBVirtualCoil Modbus
Base non-drawable object that is used to read or write coil values from a Modbus slave device.
MBVirtualRegister Icon MBVirtualRegister Modbus
Base non-drawable object that is used to read or write values from a Modbus register.
MLAngleText Icon MLAngleText Multilingual
Displays a text value in the colors and format specified with an angle property.
MLButton Icon MLButton Multilingual
Standard object for displaying multilingual text and handling screen presses.
MLCheckBox Icon MLCheckBox Multilingual
Checkbox representation of a boolean value which allows touches to toggle the value.
MLCoordinator Icon MLCoordinator Multilingual
Used to select the language number which determines the caption, font and point size displayed in each object in the Multilingual library.
MLDropDownList Icon MLDropDownList Multilingual
Displays any number of text strings and optionally allows the selection of any of them.
MLLabel Icon MLLabel Multilingual
The standard object for displaying multilingual text.
MLListBox Icon MLListBox Multilingual
Displays any number of multilingual text strings and optionally allows any of them to be selected.
MLNumberKeypad Icon MLNumberKeypad Multilingual
Displays a simple multilingual keypad for numeric entry.
MLRadioButton Icon MLRadioButton Multilingual
Represents a boolean value which allows touches to toggle the value / states.
MLTab Icon MLTab Multilingual
Used in conjunction with the MLTabContainer object to create tab control.
MLTabContainer Icon MLTabContainer Multilingual
Used in conjunction with the MLTab object to create a tab control.
MLTranslucentLabel Icon MLTranslucentLabel Multilingual
Displays text on a translucent background, thus dimming objects behind it.
NICom Icon NICom LabVIEW
Handles the serial communications between a LabVIEW application and a Qlarity application.
NIDataLogger Icon NIDataLogger LabVIEW
Simplifies the process of login data from a LabVIEW application.
NIFastLabel Icon NIFastLabel LabVIEW
This object is very light weight label object designed so that the caption may be changed rapidly and the label will respond quickly.
NIGauge Icon NIGauge LabVIEW
Implements a flexible bar graph to graphically indicate the level of a floating point value.
NILabel Icon NILabel LabVIEW
The Standard object for displaying text in LabVIEW.
NINumberKeypad Icon NINumberKeypad LabVIEW
Displays a simple keypad that can be used for numeric entry.
NIProperty Icon NIProperty LabVIEW
Provides a simple interface that allows the LabView application to modify or query the property values of Qlarity application objects at runtime.
NIQwertyKeypad Icon NIQwertyKeypad LabVIEW
A keypad that allows data to be sent to a LabVIEW application.
NISendDataPoint Icon NISendDataPoint LabVIEW
Provides a simple method of sending the value of any data type over the communications channel to a LabVIEW application when a value is assigned to any of the data properties.
NISendValue Icon NISendValue LabVIEW
Provides a simple method for sending the value of any data type of the communications channel to a LabVIEW application when the button is pressed and released.
NISlider Icon NISlider LabVIEW
Implements a slider control for data interaction between a Qlarity application and a LabVIEW application.
NISpinner Icon NISpinner LabVIEW
A control object that allows a value to be incremented by pressing the up or down buttons.
NIStateAlarm Icon NIStateAlarm LabVIEW
Used to monitor a value sent from a LabVIEW application over the communications channel.
NITachometer Icon NITachometer LabVIEW
Displays a value in the form of a dial gauge.
NIToggleBitmap Icon NIToggleBitmap LabVIEW
An on / off toggle switch with changeable bitmaps.
NIToggleButton Icon NIToggleButton LabVIEW
A graphical toggle button which represents a boolean value.
NITrendChart Icon NITrendChart LabVIEW
Used to graph data point values, based on the ScrollingChart, PointStyle, and Showline properties.
NIVirtualVariable Icon NIVirtualVariable LabVIEW
Provides a simple method for sending and receiving different value types of the communications channel.
NumberKeypad Icon NumberKeypad
A configurable pop-up numeric keypad.
PersistentVariables Icon PersistentVariables
Object can write values to the filesystem and reload them after a power reset.
PieChart Icon PieChart BDF TTF
Advanced object used to display values in a pie chart.
PieChartTable Icon PieChartTable
A buddy object to work with the PieChart object used to display information about data in the piechart.
Polygon Icon Polygon
Draw polygons by manipulating points and fill to create different shapes.
PopupScreen Icon PopupScreen
Provides modal-like popup screen functionality for a screen.
QEmulator Icon QEmulator
Emulates past Beijer Electronics handheld terminals
QwertyKeypad Icon QwertyKeypad
A configurable pop-up QWERTY alphanumeric keypad.
RadioButton Icon RadioButton BDF TTF
Radio button control to select only one item from a number of choices.
Rectangle Icon Rectangle
Rectangle with fill, outline and event capabilities.
Screen Icon Screen
Container that stores other objects. Often used to quickly enable enable / disable groups of objects.
ScreenSaver Icon ScreenSaver
Helps the Qlarity based terminals perform actions after the terminal has not received user interaction for a certain time period.
ScrollingScreen Icon ScrollingScreen
A modified Screen object that has scrolling capabilities.
SerialProtocol Icon SerialProtocol
Communicate with another device using the terminal's serial port.
Slider Icon Slider
Horizontal or vertical slider used to control or change values.
SmartScale Icon SmartScale
Proves a graduated numeric scale for estimating values of a graphical object such as a gauge.
Spinner Icon Spinner BDF TTF
Arrow buttons and a number display used to control or change values.
SymbolGrid Icon SymbolGrid
Used for displaying and browsing the characters of a specific font.
Tab Icon Tab
Used in conjunction with the TabContainer object to create tab control.
TabContainer Icon TabContainer
Used in conjunction with the Tab object to create tab control.
Tachometer Icon Tachometer
Tachometer with gradient, scale and orientation options.
TelnetClient Icon TelnetClient
Inherited from the VTEmulator object with added functionality to handle and process Telnet commands.
TextEntryPad Icon TextEntryPad
Used to enter lines of text via touchscreen of keypad.
Timer Icon Timer
Timer to trigger actions periodically at predefined intervals.
TimeScale Icon TimeScale
Buddy object for the TrendChart object to show trends over time.
ToggleBitmap Icon ToggleBitmap
An on / off toggle switch with changeable bitmaps.
TranslucentLabel Icon TranslucentLabel
Displays text on a translucent background (thus dimming objects behind it).
TrendChart Icon TrendChart
Line chart for trending a single data stream.
VerticalText Icon VerticalText BDF TTF
Draw text vertically using a bitmap or TrueType font.
VTEmulator Icon VTEmulator
Emulates VT type terminals.


Supports Bitmap Fonts.
Provides interaction with Galil Motion Controllers.
Provides interaction with National Instrument LabView.
Supports connections using the Modbus® protocol.
Supports multilingual text.
Supports connections using TCP/IP.
Supports TrueType Fonts.
Supports connections using UDP/IP.

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