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Qlarity Foundry® Integrated Design Environment for the Qlarity Language

Qlarity Foundry is a free PC-based software tool (Windows® 2000, XP, Vista) to assist in developing screens and applications for graphic operator interface and mobile data terminals based on the Qlarity language. This Windows® design environment allows you to use objects to create screens, simulate, debug and download applications to your Qlarity-based terminal. Qlarity Foundry is simple enough for the non-programmer yet powerful enough for the technical user. Although a code viewer and editor are included with Qlarity Foundry, robust applications can be developed by changing object properties rather than writing lines of code.

Qlarity Foundry also contains many screens, windows and wizards to aid in event creation, serial and Ethernet communications. In addition, there are menus to help manage resources like libraries, fonts and graphic images.

Using the fully-functional simulation mode, you can simulate and debug your application without downloading it to the terminal first. A sophisticated source-level debugger is also included. Qlarity Foundry includes a full set of electronic documentation including detailed object documentation, language help and Qlarity Foundry help.

  • Trade Show Demo

    Sample Applications

    A demonstration program written using existing objects, object overrides, templates and other code.

  • Qlarity Objects & Libraries

    Qlarity Objects & Libraries

    A comprehensive list of objects and object libraries made by Beijer Electronics, Inc..

  • Qlarity Tutorials


    Start creating your own powerful, custom Qlarity applications.

Example Application Development Workflow

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  1. Design View of Qlarity Foundry Design Environment Code View of Qlarity Foundry Code View


    It does not matter if you cannot write a line of code and prefer the WYSIWYG approach (Layout View) to application design, or if you are more comfortable writing code (Code View), Qlarity Foundry has them both to help you quickly design your application.

    To use objects in Qlarity Foundry, you simply select an object from the object palette and create an "instance" of that object in your work environment (Layout View). You can move the objects, scale them and change their properties (fill color, size, location, etc.). Using the Event Builder wizard, you can tie one or many actions to a single event (key press, data received, setpoint reached, etc.).

  2. Simulation View in Qlarity Foundry Simulation View


    You can simulate and debug your application at any time during the design phase simply by selecting the Simulate tab. In this full-featured mode you can simulate key presses, communications (Ethernet and serial) and keyboard/keypad.

    Once you have defined the objects you wish to display, how the objects are to function, and simulated your application, you are ready to download and run the application from the graphic terminal.

  3. Application Running on Terminal Running Application


    By configuring the communications parameters of the graphic terminal and Qlarity Foundry, you can easily download your application to the terminal via serial or Ethernet. Quickly test application changes and speed up development by executing your application from the terminal’s RAM memory, or save it to nonvolatile flash memory for years of trustworthy service.


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