Qlarity Language Innovative Object-Based Graphic Terminal Language

Qlarity is an object-based programming language designed by Beijer Electronics, Inc. for our intelligent operator interface and mobile data terminals. This BASIC-like, scripted, graphic terminal programming language uses objects to display information on the screen, accept user input and communicate with other devices. Other standard programming features such as conditional logic (IF-ELSE), looping (WHILE, FORNEXT) and a rich set of logical and arithmetic operators are also provided.

Each object used in your application has a set of properties (data) and methods (code) which describes how it behaves. This object-based approach allows the user to control all aspects of the graphical user interface simply by changing values stored in the object properties at runtime. Many objects have events associated with them. An event such as a key press or receiving data from the host, may cause the object to perform a function you specify, such as changing screens or sending information out of the serial port. Using the Event Builder wizard you can configure these events and tie multiple events to a single key press without writing programming code.

The Qlarity team is available to design custom objects or applications if the need arises. Please email our support team with details or call us at 801-466-8770.

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