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VTERM-JLow Cost, Vehicle Mobile Data Terminal

Learn more about the hardware and software that works with the VTERM-J on our Partner Page.

For Pricing, please call 1-801-466-8770 or send us an email.

VTERM-J Hardware Specifications

  • Supertwist, 20×4, LCD display; a lighted display and vacuum-fluorescent display (VFD) are available as options.
  • 18-, 24- or 40-key tactile keypad; a lighted keypad is available as an option.
  • An EIA-232 interface is standard; EIA-422 and 5-volt Buffered interfaces are optional.
  • All parameters and configuration information are stored in nonvolatile memory.
  • The standard VTERM-J uses an external 5 VDC supply.
  • Low power: the EIA-232 unit uses only 28 mA from a 5 VDC supply (lighting off).
  • Rugged housing constructed with blended polycarbonate and polyester resin
  • Available in a handheld or panel-mount housing; a mounting holster is available for the handheld unit.
  • An optional regulator allows operation with a 7.5 to 24 VDC supply.
  • An optional manufacturer's ID code to protect your development investment.
  • Make the terminal part of your product with a custom key legend and company logo label.

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