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Case Studies

iX HMI with CODESYS SoftControl

JT Mekaniske, Norway, uses a Beijer iX HMI with SoftControl to run its entire fish processing production facility.

Compatibility: iX HMI SoftControl

Solving a sub-zero challenge

HMIs deployed in an extremely cold and constant vibration marine environment

Compatibility: Rugged HMI Terminals

Jarlsberg tunnel and iX

Electricity supply and safety functions in the Jarlsberg tunnel controlled by a PLC-based system built entirely of Beijer Electronics' products.

Compatibility: iX Software

Volvo Cars and iX

Volvo cars increases the tempo of its car factory using iX

Compatibility: iX Software

Portsystems and iX Panels

Opening the door to the warehouse of the future

Compatibility: iX Software

Paradigm shift at brüel international

brüel international increases its competitiveness with iX software.

Compatibility: iX Software

Weather Station Interface

Monitor the climate and forecasts from a Qlarity terminal using XML data and graphic data from the internet.

Compatibility: QTERM®-G70 QTERM-G75 QTERM-G55

Conference Room Scheduler

Dynamic Office Application using Qlarity and a touch screen interface for scheduling meetings with Email Notification.

Compatibility: QTERM-G75

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