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Pull groups and speed of communication
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Author:  jydepower [ Wed Dec 16, 2015 7:10 am ]
Post subject:  Pull groups and speed of communication


Im working on a project where i have to update data in a mysql database every 0,5s.

What i do is i set a tag in the plc to > 0, and do a value_change event check in IX. Which initiate the sql query. This works fine.

My problem is:
I have no sense on how often the tags are updated. When asking support Denmark 6 month ago. I was told that the pull groups did not actually work. That i should keep my tags "high" for at least 1s. When i asked what about the pull groups which goes down to 100ms, i was told that is was a bug, and i couldn't trust that.

My question is:
Is this "bug" true?
Is it still a "bug" after 2.2?
Anyone have any experience with this, and could shed some light on this subject?

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