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Reset alias tag in scripting
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Author:  daniel [ Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Reset alias tag in scripting


I'm trying to reset a tag in scripting, which is easy, but the problem is that I'm using alias for that specific window. So I need to reset the alias associated with that tag. (If possible?)

So the idea is; set a tag (thorugh alias) when I click a button, reset the tag (through alias) after about half a second. I'm using a timer to accomplish this, but i cannot figure out how to reset tags associated with an alias.

I found the "AliasActionExtensions class" which have a method that looks like this,
public static void ResetTag(
              this bool inputBool,
              IInstantiatable instantiatable,
              string aliasName

but i cannot figure out what the "IInstantiatable instantiatable" is and cannot find anything about it anywhere. I might be missing something obvious here, but is it possible someone here knows what it is?

It should look something like this;

The rest of my script is working fine, I just need to get this last method to work. Appreciate any help

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