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Metric Information Learn about the advantages of converting to the metric system

All QSI terminals are designed and built using metric units of measurement.

Rules for metric usage are tightly defined by international and United States metric standards committees and provide superior product integration worldwide. At QSI Corporation, we have fully integrated metric units of measurement into our manufacturing process. We offer internal metric education and certifications for our employees, and require U.S. Metric Association certifications for our advanced engineering professionals. QSI advocates national metric education.

Metric Resources

  • USMA

    U.S. Metric Association

    A private organization supporting metrication in America for 90 years. Offers metric supplies, vendor references, links to many other metric sites. The USMA has the only Certified Metricationist program in the country.

  • SI Navigator

    SI Navigator

    An extensive site providing comprehensive information and links to anything you may want to know about the SI metric system. It is an excellent source for metric reference information, and links to metric supplies, books, web sites, etc.

  • Metric Methods

    Metric Methods

    Metrication consultation services, including training and other services for metricating your business.

  • Metrication Matters

    Metrication Matters

    Metrication matters is a web page that encourages direct metrication from various old pre-metric measuring methods to the modern metric system (SI). At metrication matters we study metrication processes in different industries in many countries. We have analysed why some metric transitions are quick, efficient, easy, and economical, and why some others are not.

  • S I Jakub Associates

    S I Jakub Associates

    Looking for help with the metric system? S I Jakub Associates has provided metrication services to corporations, state and federal government agencies, and small businesses for over 20 years. Join the thousands of executive, contracting, engineering, designer, production, purchasing, maintenance, and administrative personnel who have benefited from our services and turned their knowledge into profit. S I Jakub Associates is a leader in the field, and counts among its clients Fortune 100 companies, and a wide variety of organizations, big and small.

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