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What is a Rugged HMI?

A rugged HMI must be rugged to the core - designed to operate in wet, dusty, extreme temperatures, direct sun, high vibration, unreliable power, and hazardous environments. Oil and gas, mining, water and wastewater, and marine industries demand HMIs that have been proven to the extremes. The HMIs must be tested and certified against some of the world's most rigid standards. The process of designing, engineering, testing and certifying rugged HMIs is a core competency. Those companies that build rugged HMIs want their products to be ruggedly reliable and operational for years."Test early", test often is not just an adage, it is fundamental to the culture of those manufacturers.

Security Issues & Best Practices for Water/Wastewater Facilities

This paper explores the motivation behind and the best practices for an appropriate security posture for water / wastewater environments. It will look at common risks, vulnerabilities and incident management. It will explore the relationship between physical security and information security. It proposes some ideas for prudent security policies given the vulnerabilities and risk and suggestions for implementing the appropriate technologies and practices to support an organization’s security policies, standards and guidelines.

More Capability with Fewer Parts and Less Cost

Do more with less. This statement summarizes the pressure felt by engineers to design new products that do more and yet cost less. In this whitepaper, the principles of DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) are explained using real-world examples.

Best Practices for Designing a Graphical User Interface

Designing a user-interface that is easy to understand yet accomplishes the necessary tasks is critical. A well-designed interface will not only make it easier for the end user, it may also reduce training and support costs for the organization.

Rugged Operator Interface Terminals: Build Versus Buy

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of building human-machine interfaces versus buying them ready-made or customized from an outside source.

Operator Interface Buyer's Guide

A detailed look at the key components of an operator interface terminal and what to look for and be cautious of when specifying one for use in a rugged environment.

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